There are many ways to get involved!

Watering the war memorial garden is going to be a necessity through the summer. We want it to look good long after the judges have gone home so water will be needed right through to Ooctober - we are hoping the display will still be good for the Remembrance Service in November, after which we will be reorganising the garden on a more permanent basis. A rota of waterers is being compiled - we are asking individuals or groups to commit to watering for one week - this could be twice a day in really hot weather. A water butt is going to be stationed by the garden and we will fill it regularly. Residents of the High Street are going to look after the displays there, The garage, Sandpits and the Firehouse will see to their ,  but there will also be watering to do in front of the village hall. If you can help, please contact or telephone 01458 762296.



Please think about whether you are prepared to be an active member of the group when we start to plan for 2018. At the moment the group is lacking men who are prepared to give up their time to do some hard work and it will be difficult for the group to go forward unless there is more support.  Please contact us if you are able to be involved - the more people are involved the less individuals have to do.